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Mobile lab of fiber optic

Mobile lab of fiber optic

Mobile laboratory of fiber optic it is intended for performance of emergency recovery works on objects of communication and teleco... Read more

Teachings on the pass Kamchik

16 - 18 January 2008 SERD participated in the special tactical exercises Force SSALEC in the Tashkent region in the vicinity of the pass Kamchik. In the SERD River was tasked to organize a mobile command post of the Chief of Civil Defence - Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, as well as the organization of communication in the training spots - areas and the elimination of conventional ES.


Work out the issue of sustainable radio and radio communications in a complex mountain topography. A lesson from the experts MEM to organize communications mobile command post chief of Civil Protection of Uzbekistan and presentation of mobile communications technology SERD. Particular attention was paid to the teachings of the organization of logistics units of communication in the field.








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